The aim of the CRCL International Cancer Symposium is to address fundamental issues of cancer biology from the molecular and biochemical determinants of cancer initiation and dissemination, to the impact of the tumour microenvironment and immunity, and to emphasise synergy between basic, clinical, and translational research. This meeting will also address how tumour cell plasticity contributes to enhanced tumour heterogeneity, sustained metastatic dissemination and escape from conventional and targeted therapies.

    Based on the scientific scope of the meeting, the following thematic sessions are planned:  
    • Session 1: Tumor Microenvironment
      Besides tumor cell-intrinsic features, specificities of the stromal and immune tumor microenvironment (TME) are increasingly recognized as key players regulating tumor progression and resistance. In addition to immune cells, the TME consists of a variety of cellular components, including cancer-associated fibroblasts, myofibroblasts, endothelial cells, as well as extracellular matrix proteins. Further exposure to soluble factors, inflammatory, metabolic, oxidative stresses and biomechanical signals, all contribute to control cancer (stem) cells adaptation and intra-tumoral heterogeneity. This complex multiparametric microenvironment indeed regulates dormancy (quiescence), survival, migration, differentiation and function of cancer cells that in turns remodel their microenvironment, therefore constituting a complex dynamic ecosystem. In this session, key players in the field will discuss how the complex interplay between cancer cells and their microenvironment is emerging as a crucial regulator of tumor initiation, metastatic progression, immune escape and resistance to treatment.
    • Session 2: Metastasis & invasion
      The formidable challenge in treating cancer intensifies when it enters the metastatic stage. While early-stage interventions can effectively control cancer cell growth, metastatic cells exhibit a remarkable resistance to treatments. Intercepting cancer cells before metastasis becomes crucial, yet the intricate molecular and cellular mechanisms governing this process remain insufficiently understood. In recognition of this critical need, the upcoming CRCL Symposium will devote a dedicated session to Cancer Metastasis. Renowned experts from around the world will converge in Lyon to share their latest research, shedding light on this pressing topic. The insights they will provide hold the potential to reshape the strategies for targeting cancer metastasis with novel drugs, offering hope for more effective interventions in the future.
    • Session 3: Preneoplasia & cancer initiation
      Tumors are often diagnosed at advanced stage compromising surgical resection and success of treatment, detecting and treating them earlier is expected to improve patient care and treatment. Tumor genesis is initiated by oncogenic activation which can lead in transient or stable formation of preneoplastic lesions. The evolution of the pre-neoplastic lesions and tumor initiation will be influenced by many intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Describe factors either promoting or blocking the progression of these pre-tumoral lesions is essential to potentially detect them, predict their evolution and/or propose strategies to intercept them. In this session, some leaders in the field will present their latest results on preneoplastic lesions, tumor initiation and evolution.
    • Session 4: Immunology & immunotherapy
      Cancer Immunology will be undeniably part of the 6th edition of the CRCL symposium. Regarding the high craze for the development of novel immunotherapies to treat cancer, the immunology area will be addressed in a wide range from fundamental to clinic research. The hallmark of this session is also to encourage the effective exchange of ideas between basic cancer researchers (fundamental and clinical) and cancer immunologists. In this session, world-class experts in the field will discuss immunomechanisms influencing the tumor growth, and treatments.
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